To begin services with Aunt Key's Apothecary, please contact us. We will schedule a free, no obligation "walk through" of your home or office to provide you with an estimate. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and "as needed" cleanings. We also do "move in ready" cleanings in order to prepare your new home for you before you move in. Have a preferred scent you'd like us to use? No problem! We can customize scents that suit your needs, allergies, migraines, etc. 

Just A Few of The Things We Do...


Clean and disinfect all counter tops

Clean and disinfect cupboard doors

Clean and disinfectMicrowave inside and out

Clean and disinfect outside of the refrigerator

Clean and disinfect outside of oven and top of range

Clean and disinfect sink

Polish sink faucet and cupboard door handles

Sweep and mop floor

Clean and disinfect light switch covers



Clean and disinfect Counter tops and cupboard doors and sink

Clean and disinfect Toilet

Clean and Disinfect tub/shower

Clean mirror

Polish sink faucet/tub faucet

clean and disinfect light switch covers




Dust all horizontal and vertical surfaces

Dust all remaining objects

Clean glass on photo frames and television

Vacuum floors

Disinfect light switch covers and door handles

Change sheets/make beds


Living room

Dust all vertical and horizontal surfaces

Clean glass on all doors

Dust all remaining objects


Vacuum furniture



Cobweb all areas

Clean glass on all doors

dust all remaining areas

vacuum/sweep/mop all floors

Vacuum furniture

Dust fans/light fixtures